Written in the Stars: Tell-tale Signs You’re Meant to Have a Career in Real Estate

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Have you ever considered the possibility of working in the real estate industry? As in selling houses and land to people daily? The thought must have at least crossed your mind, or else you wouldn’t be here now. But don’t worry because you’re not alone at this crossroad.

Finding a profession is not as easy as stealing candy from a baby. You don’t just magically fall in love with a profession to devote your life to. It’s more like a dating experience — you try your luck in one opportunity for some time, but you can also jump from one place to another when you’re no longer happy where you are.

You repeatedly try until you find the perfect fit for you, but what if you’re looking in the wrong place? What if, all along, you were meant to have a career in real estate, but you never considered it at all because you were busy chasing another industry? Here are a few tell-tale signs that you finally need to enter real estate:

You Are No Longer Happy with Your Current Job

If you’ve been looking for a palate change or are feeling stuck at your current career path, it might be time to try something new. So why don’t you try to enter real estate? It could be a breath of fresh air for you, especially if you’re coming from an office job with definite hours and confined space.

Plus, this is better if you legitimately have always wanted a real estate career, but you never got to pursue it in the past. You might think that this can be a scary decision to make, to leave the industry you already know in exchange for foreign territory. But if you really want a change of pace, then you will see the opportunity to change careers as a challenge instead of a problem.

You Can See Houses as Good Investment Opportunities

If you can picture yourself becoming a homeowner soon and you know that buying a house is a good investment, then you may be destined to have a career in real estate. With the housing market demands today and the prices for houses skyrocketing, more and more people are less inclined to invest in a house.

They would rather spend their money in a condo or apartment because they fail to see how great an investment buying a house is. But you do. You see a property for sale sign and think some lucky family will get to live there someday. Very few people receive that calling, so this might be the sign you’re looking for to switch to real estate.

You Enjoy House-hunting and Open Houses

If you’re the person your friends rely on when they’re house-hunting or you enjoy open houses and seeing architectural designs rather than spend your Saturday morning sleeping in, then you might have a career in real estate.

House-hunting can be fun, but the joy doesn’t last very long until it takes a sour turn. After a few houses, the hunt becomes taxing and plain annoying to ordinary people. But you revel in the beauty of each house and how distinct they are from one another. You marvel at the artistry and thought that came into designing each house. And you have a sense of respect for the amount of work, sweat, and tears that came with building the houses. If you agree with all those, then you are destined to be working in real estate.

You Can Imagine Yourself Selling Houses

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The most important sign of all: you can imagine yourself selling houses. Real estate is no easy task, especially if you’re working on commission. There will always be an uncertainty income-wise. That’s why a lot of people are afraid to make a career change. But if you’re up for the challenge and are dedicated to what you do, then nothing should stop you.

And the best part of all is that you get to be your own boss. You don’t have to report to a supervisor, which means you can be as lax or as driven as you want to. The only catch in real estate is that your income is directly tied to the amount of effort you put into your work, so at the end of the day, your only obstacle to success is yourself.

Making the switch from your current career to real estate can be a dive off the deep end. Or it could be your saving grace from the monotony of your dead-end job. Your fate is in your hands. All that there’s left to do is to decide.

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