Tips and Tricks for Styling and Designing Your First Apartment

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There’s nothing like moving into a new apartment that signals the start of a new chapter in your life. However, not everyone has a keen eye for what looks good in a living space, especially when it’s your first time designing your own place. And it can be a daunting task because unless you were able to score a fully-furnished apartment, the burden falls on you to turn the space into your home.

If you recently moved into a new apartment and don’t know where to start decorating, here are some styling and design ideas to get you started.

Get acquainted with space.

Depending on the agreement you have with the landlord or the owners, you might not have the license to paint the walls or make major changes and hard renovations in the apartment. Thankfully, many apartments for rent are already designed well, with flawless finishes and elegant touches that can adapt to any kind of style.

Decide on what atmosphere and theme you want.

The next step is looking into inspirations for the look and atmosphere that you want for your new home. Here are some styles you can look into: Traditional, modern, contemporary, mid-century modern, grand millennial, industrial, minimalist, eclectic, beach or nautical, farmhouse, Scandinavian, and many others. You can even go for a combination of these styles, but the important part is having a theme or direction in mind so that your ideas are not all over the place.

Choose furniture pieces that are appropriate in scale.

You may have dreams for a gargantuan sectional couch, but if your apartment space has no room for it, save that dream for when you move into a bigger house. The size of your furniture can make or break the balance of your new space and could potentially give your styling efforts an awkward look. Make the habit of measuring every distance before you purchase certain pieces. Be sure to follow the rules of ergonomics too.

Go for multifunctional furniture and design pieces.

If your space is limited, go for dual-purpose furniture. There are plenty of storage benches and ottomans in the market where you can store your living room items like books, throws, and blankets. Not only will these pieces provide extra seating, but they can also double as hidden storage too. Other options include sofas with pull-outs and dining tables that can be converted into work-from-home desks or homework stations.

Storage, storage, storage.

Speaking of storage, this should be your main priority, especially if your apartment is on the smaller side, or if you’re moving into a studio. When choosing between an aesthetically-pleasing furniture option versus a piece that has more storage potential, always go for the latter. When choosing a bed, buy one with built-in storage underneath, or shelves that come with organizing baskets where you can keep your little knick-knacks and loose items.

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Be picky with what you let into your home.

It may be alluring to fall for every sale that comes your way or any promo that provides one free item when you buy two. It may also be tempting to just receive hand-me-downs from your relatives or people you know. But unless you can think of ways to turn the furniture piece into something that can work in the space you envision, resist the temptation. The last thing you want is pieces in your home that you can’t make work or you don’t know what to do with.

Add layers.

The quickest way to add a cozy and intimate touch to your living space is by incorporating layers. Various touches and items, when done right, can make your place feel lived in and homey, and not like a cold mausoleum. Toss in some pillows and throws of different sizes and shapes into your couch, as well as a fuzzy blanket. You can also layer your carpet and rug. Mixing and matching different hues from the same color family with various textures can instantly make your space look well-designed and thought out.

Mind your lighting.

Do thorough research on how different types of lighting like overhead, task, and table, and how lights of various intensities can affect your space. If your apartment has little to no source of natural light, your lighting will play a big part in making the living space appear less stark.

Designing and styling your first apartment may be a daunting task, but it’s one that you can do well without breaking the bank. Just don’t go for the first items you find and be picky about what you let into your home, and you will surely achieve the apartment of your dreams.

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