Penthouse Living: What Are the Advantages of this Lifestyle?

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You’ve made it. Your hard work has earned you a membership in the very exclusive and hush-hush club of the well-heeled. Your investment portfolio has diversified, and now you have passive income sources left and right. In fact, you no longer have to work. You’re pretty much set for life. But you cannot stop hustling. Plus, those corporate outfit looks good on you and you can’t possibly give them up. You need all the reasons you can get to dress up and flaunt your style. Wondering how you could further elevate your stylish lifestyle?

Here’s an idea. Why not contact your trusted real estate developer and ask for the fanciest penthouse currently listed in the market? Living on a building’s topmost floor affords you a horde of advantages. Here are some of them.

Status symbol

You command a boardroom with lots of antique wooden furniture. You drive an electric car from a dude who’s in the process of terraforming Mars. You’re dating someone who’s as pretty as you are minted. Now, why not add another status symbol to your already impressive arsenal?

That’s where a penthouse apartment comes in. It says opulence like no other, especially if you live in a densely populated city where there’s not enough space for everyone.

Ample space

Most penthouse apartments cover the entire length of the floor’s floor space. That means you have ample space to work with. You could have multiple rooms. You can build recreational areas such as a gym and a swimming pool. You can even allot an outdoor space for when you feel like sunbathing, and the city’s smog’s not that bad.

Work with a reliable interior decorator to complement your particular and discerning tastes. In no time, you’ll be welcoming guests into a party in your jaw-dropping pad that’s going to be the talk of the city’s elites for weeks on end.

Rooftop terrace

There’s one obvious perk if you live on the top floor of any building. You get first and often exclusive dibs on the rooftop. There you could host parties.

Or you could use the rooftop as your personal playground. You can run lapses around the perimeter. You’ll be leveling up your cardio game since you’re high up. Your workout will be more intense and calorie-burning. Soon you’ll reach the body fat percentage you’ve always dreamed of, and you’ll have a reason to visit your tailor for new bespoke suits.

360-degree view

You don’t even need the rooftop for an excellent and priceless view. You can stay indoors and have a 360-degree view of the city. And that’s the most wonderful experience there is. You can spend a quiet night at home, with a glass of expensive wine, just observing the city unfold. Your thoughts could go all sorts of ways.

You can get philosophic. Ponder Kant. Or you can get economical, as you’re inclined to, and ponder profit. Either way, you’ll have fun.

Access to natural light

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Condo units have limited access to natural light. But you’re not a run-of-the-mill condo unit owner. You’re The Man living in the penthouse. And with that comes the privilege of sun rays.

While you probably own a tanning bed, you’ll have the option to go for the real thing and tan yourself under the sun. Or you can use natural light to limit your use of artificial lighting. That is, you somehow feel a little green from time to time, and you want to offset whatever guilt you’re feeling because of your rich carbon footprint.

Access to ultra-exclusive building perks

If you’re building has a helipad, you’re welcome to use it. You might even end up having the rights to it, depending on your purchase contract. The next logical thing is you buy a helicopter. You’ll be spared from your city’s traffic.

You might also get the privilege of a dedicated elevator. That means you don’t have to share. Yours take you straight to the penthouse.

With a penthouse as your home, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world. You can look around you and know that you have outdone so many other people. You’ve climbed the highest you could climb. At least so far. And there, in your penthouse apartment, you can set your sights on greater heights. After all, nothing’s obstructing your view. You can see straight to the heavens. And nothing is stopping you from reaching your arms even higher for a piece of that and more. So have a go at it and know that you deserve nothing less.

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