Making Clutter Look More Organized in a Small Home

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Valuable properties don’t have to be located in affluent neighborhoods with sprawling lots for mansions to be built on. Smaller and simpler real estate properties in middle-class areas can be as beneficial, especially if you’re living low-key and practical. Plus, limited spaces are somewhat becoming glorified. Minimalists see them like mansions, and design professionals and enthusiasts love experimenting with them.

However, for our clutter, small spaces can be a nightmare. As much as we try to get rid of stuff, we somehow always acquire more again shortly after. It’s a never-ending cycle, and it seems that we need a lot of things to survive.

If your life involves clutter, no matter how you try to change it, you don’t have to force yourself into a minimalist lifestyle. It’s simply not for everyone. And clutter isn’t always a bad thing unless they have no use for your space.

So if your home needs more breathing space and smooth traffic, try out these organization hacks:

1. Know Your Clutter Limit

A kitchen countertop filled with appliances and daily essentials may be an eyesore, but they’re your necessities, so you can’t just get rid of them. On the other hand, a closet that spills clothes everywhere once opened can probably use some de-cluttering.

Your clutter limit is your peak level — the point at which you realize you either need a bigger home or to throw out your stuff. By being aware of your limit, you can spot signs of too much clutter before arriving at your peak.

A typical sign that de-cluttering is due is when you’re already finding stuff where you don’t usually see them., such as shoes in your dining room, coats on the couch, etc. Upon noticing those, start organizing as soon as you can.

2. Rent a Storage Unit

If you have an online business, your small home won’t suffice as your warehouse, even just temporarily. And since you likely can’t afford an actual warehouse yet, use a unit in a storage facility. In there, you can stack your boxes neatly, and potentially secure their safety, too. In turn, your home wouldn’t look like an obstacle course with boxes all over the place anymore.

3. Clean More Often

cleaningHaving a cleaning schedule that you can follow religiously may not do miracles, but it will help keep the mess at bay. As a result, your space will look and feel a lot airier. Books will be organized on their shelves, shoes will be kept in their cabinets, and the kitchen will be a more hygienic place.

4. Control Impulses to Shop

If your clutter is mostly composed of items you just bought on a whim, you’re probably struggling to restrain your impulse to shop. While retail therapy might be useful for you, realize that it may only bring you short-term happiness, because you’ll be unhappy once you see your overflowing clutter. You don’t need to be a minimalist overnight, but take baby steps, and you’ll eventually learn how to spend more on your needs than your wants.

5. Use Reflective Surfaces

Since small homes won’t magically get bigger when clutter is already cleared out, make an illusion by using reflective surfaces. Install large mirrors, buy mirrored cabinets and tables, etc. They’ll catch the light and spread it all over, making your space feel more open and inviting.

You can be more organized even with clutter around. Just make it a habit to tidy up often. Put back things where they belong, and again, know your limits. Once your tabletops and drawers are already on the verge of suffocating, clean up!

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