Are You Looking for a Kid-friendly Home? Check Out This Guide!

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Most individuals think that buying a home is just proof of financial stability or success. But for couples who are planning to start a family or those who already have one, buying their first house is about settling in a place where they can bond and make memories. At the same time, you get to take advantage of property tax deductions and freedom for increasing rent rates.

However, aside from the price and amazing curb appeal, it’s important to choose a house that will be a safe and lovely space for your children. Need help in finding the perfect home to raise your kids? Here are five features that you should look for.

  1. Large separate bedrooms

For many kids, sharing rooms with their siblings or parents is fun. But that’s not always the case. Your kids will eventually want to have their own private space in the house, especially when they reach high school. That is why buying a house with multiple bedrooms is a good idea.

The rooms should be big enough for your kids to grow into. At the same time, this can save you money that you would’ve spent on renovations or even getting a bigger home. Prices of real estate properties gradually go up every year, so better buy a bigger house now.

  1. Open kitchen with big pantry

Your family will have a great time in the kitchen, more so if you or your partner loves cooking. An open layout doesn’t just give you a greater sense of space and customization, but it also allows you to keep an eye on your little ones even though you’re in the kitchen. Plus, you can cook or prepare food comfortably in a kitchen area without extra corners or walls.

Apart from that, you’d also want a house with a large pantry to store your food. Kids love eating more often than us, and if you love eating too, this should be a requirement. Such storage spaces are great to keep things out of sight and organized. It’s also the perfect hideout for food items that you don’t want your kids to mess around with and enables you to buy in bulk and save money.

  1. Spacious yard

Another important thing to consider is the yard space of the property you’re buying. A kid-friendly house and land should have enough space for outdoor living. A yard where you and your kids can play and spend time together. Having this outdoor space also gives you tons of options to upgrade your home. You can build a workshop area, create a small garden, and use the yard for parties and barbecues.

If you’re lucky enough to buy a house with a bigger outdoor area, you can consider building a deck or patio as an additional living space for you and the kids. Doing so can even increase the value of the property.

  1. Pleasing neighborhood

The house and lot you’re buying must be located in a peaceful and family-friendly neighborhood. Ideally, it should not have a high level of criminal activity, a neighborhood watch group, and a great amount of street lighting. Apart from the safety of the location, it should also provide access to essential establishments and places.

The house should be nearby department stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, or malls for your daily necessities. You’d also want to opt for a place with a well-performing school for your kids. If you’re a very particular parent regarding your children’s education, check the school’s state test scores, available extracurricular activities, and programming.

  1. Green spaces

Last but not least, buy a house that is nearby green spaces. Checking the area’s outdoor amenities gives your kids more safe places to explore and play. Look for the one with a well-maintained park and walking trails where you can go for a run or walk your dog. If it has a playground, that’s already a plus point.

Also, researchers even found out that green spaces can positively impact our mental and physical health. It can help reduce stress levels, improve mood, and encourage spending time with nature and breathe in fresher air. At the same time, you can encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors and be active.

Finding a kid-friendly home can be more challenging if you have no idea what to look for. But by following these tips, you and your family can start looking for the best living space to purchase. Just make sure to consider the extra expenses that might come with the home, including future maintenance and repair.



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