Fit Everything: Maximizing Space In Your New Home

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condo for sale has many things to recommend it as the best choice for a home as a new family. One of them is that it can be more affordable than the regular house. But there is a big problem. The floor space that you have can be smaller than you would get from a full house. This is the same situation for other housing options with lower price tags like tiny houses and duplexes. But you shouldn’t worry so much about it. There are several solutions to the issue of limited space, and here are several that will help ensure you can pack everything into your new place.

Large Bookshelves

If you love books, then you likely have boxes of them ready to unpack. To give them the proper care that they deserve, you need to put them on shelves. The best options for you are not basic bookshelves. You should fully dedicate an entire wall to them and invest in floor-to-ceiling shelves. It might require you to get a small step ladder, but it can be worth it to have an impressive wall of books. It is not only your books you will store on them but other small belongings, too.

Smaller Appliances

small kitchen

When you opt for a small living space, there is a good chance you have a small family. With few people in your home, there is no need for the bigger appliances you might want to buy. For example, a thinner refrigerator can mean a lot of space saved. Your oven doesn’t even need to be that big either unless you plan to host people. A major space-saver would be to completely get rid of a TV cabinet. With many LED screens nowadays, you can choose to get a wall-mount and still enjoy HD. Have it dominate your wall and use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for digital recording.

Get Some Folding Furniture

When you need an extra bed, you don’t need to empty another room. You can easily get a folding bed inside a couch. This is perfect for guests and can double your living room as an overnight guestroom. For those that want an actual room, you can install a folding bed to a wall. Move away the items blocking it, and you can have an actual room for your guests.

Beds are not the only things that you can fold up. Some tables can expand if you need more space. Some are even bolted to the walls and fold down to become your dining table in the evening. Fold it up when you finish eating so that your kitchen looks spacious once again. If your home needs more chairs, keep a stack of folding chairs in your cabinet. Some even look good enough to be wall decor so you can hang them onto the walls of your living room.

Stack Things Up

Going vertical is a great solution for getting the most from your limited space. For example, your washer and dryer can still work when one is on top of the other. Look for potential places where you can stack items on top of each other. You can even do it with your beds. Instead of two separate beds for your children, getting a bunk bed for them is a great idea. Besides that, you can even install storage drawers beneath the bed so you h more storage space. The great thing about stacking is that individual cabinets can be cheaper. You can then stack them on top over each other for maximum storage for a smaller space. It is not only the things you can stack on top of each other. There is a good chance that you have more space underneath beds and couches. You can use these areas to store small boxes or even large and flat items.

Use Your Walls

Another option for your storage space is that using your walls to hang things up. For example, a coat hanger is better than a coat rack for those who have no space. You may even have a coat closet so you can now use it for something else. Other things you can hang are shoes, sandals, and other footwear. Shoe hangers are simple items you can use as shoe storage for the shoes you wear every day.

Small living spaces may seem like a big limitation. However, you only need to be creative in using that space. With the right approach, you can fit everything you own in such spaces.

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