Are Major Investments Still Feasible in 2021?

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic (which the world continues to face as vaccines start slowly being introduced), it’s safe to say the economic downturn has been felt by industries worldwide. It has been especially hard on the individuals going about the year as average citizens. Usually, investment is a solid path to financial comfort when done right. However, many are getting second thoughts on how viable this option is after the world and its economy has been flipped in unexpected ways. Many people are wondering whether it’s safe to start looking into investment as the new year starts.

As a short answer, you can most definitely still invest in 2021. The question is not whether or not you should invest, but on what you put your money on and how you manage the assets you do acquire. Here are some tips to think about before shelling out that hard-earned cash.

Be wary of shaky stocks.

Even before the unprecedented rampage of the coronavirus, stocks had already been known as one of the riskier investments one could make. Though these could prove beneficial and yield positive returns worth the risk, financial experts have always advised keeping a diverse portfolio to prevent being put in the red by relying solely on stocks that may suddenly take a dip. This advice is even more significant as the pandemic’s effects include turning the stock market into an even more volatile and unreliable place.

While the decision to invest in stocks is still open for the taking, and you could end up finding a strong contender that can be worth it, it’s important to be a little warier than usual during this time, especially as rising innovations and intriguing introductions into the market are also being met with large losses, economic whiplash, and continuous uncertainty. If you’re still intent on going for this investment, consider stability over the highest highs that could just as easily plummet when things get shaky again.

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Look into the real estate market.

There are a lot of real estate options right now as people expect a sort of renaissance period to take root over time. Though that period may not quickly take root, the housing market has actually seen a lot of movement since shifts in work and society have caused many people to haul out into new homes and more. Experts actually expect sales to grow even more in 2021 as people start to feel more confident after making it this far and jump on lower mortgage rates.

Experts also note that there would likely be a deficit in supply as demand continues to be high, but the amount of accessible options stagnates. So, if you’re looking to invest in assets that can yield you some profit from high demand, you may want to look for prime locations with real estate for sale, like Donnybrook and other family-friendly towns of the sort. It’s beneficial to find a good balance between an aesthetically pleasing location and a good price since you can expect returns from the middle market.

Consider fintech platforms.

Finance technology went through a boom in the past year as industries worldwide attempted to keep up with essential shifts in banking and buyer habits. Banks and other payment platforms have taken giant leaps in digitisation as people prefer to shop from home, go cashless, and pay their bills online. Since many financial transactions continue to shift into the digital landscape, it may be a future-forward choice to invest in financial tech.

Look at entries in the market from reputable platforms and those seeing viable traction, and you may be able to bank on this train. It is an active trend that has seen much growth during 2020 and shouldn’t see any signs of slowing down in the current year. On top of that, it’s also more than a simple fad investment if you pick the right resources. As modern solutions continue to be adopted and become the norm, these platforms will have lasting power as innovation spurs on. Even after the pandemic’s biggest exploits die down, these won’t likely disappear even if trends shift up or down.

See healthcare opportunities to jump on.

Healthcare has been thrust into the forefront because of the pandemic, and people are more aware of their mortality than ever. One need only see the statistics for the sudden surge in personal protective equipment and masks due to the high demand. If you’re looking for an industry to invest in, either by way of shares or taking on physical assets to profit from, consider what healthcare opportunities have arisen and which ones will have a staying power as people continue to battle the pandemic. It’s also a good measure to think about which investments will cater to habits that will likely stick with the market even after the vaccine has been widely introduced.

If you’re smart with your investments, you have a better chance of reaping what you sow.

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